Understanding Gun Crimel Statistics

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Though gun crime statistics are available for every one to see, many of us do not know how to use them. In fact, many people just gloss over the figures since they have no clue as to how to use them. The purpose of statistics, in general, is to make people informed of certain developments and gun crime statistics also have a similar purpose. We need to first look at the figures and then seek to understand the message conveyed by them. Gun crime statistics, also called gun death statistics or gun control facts, deal with the crimes resulting from the use of guns. They also cover information about gun ownership and both the possible and real consequences of allowing people to own guns without any control. Here are some highlights of gun crime statistics.

If there is a gun in a house, the gun owner may feel that it will offer protection to him and his family members. But gun crime statistics show that women and children living in that house are more likely to fall victims to gun violence. This shocking fact cannot be ignored when we consider gun control pros and cons.

Gun crime statistics also show that the consequences of gun deaths have a wider reach in that even the economy of the country is affected. Estimates show that every year, the United States has been losing a whopping sum of USD 3.7 billion. This fact has been widely publicized by many gun control articles. But opponents of gun control do not seem to have woken up even to the danger to the economy which is bound to affect every one. Organizations like the NRA (National Rifles Association) that have been fighting gun control have been turning a blind eye to gun crime statistics. The NRA has made it clear that it will not accept any compromise.

Opponents of gun control not only ignore gun crime statistics but refuse to acknowledge the positive results strict gun control laws have brought in for the countries that have implemented these laws. They resort to frivolous arguments like gun control being incompatible with the idea of democracy. What they fail to see is that gun control is needed to protect democracy against tyranny, given the fact that gun crime statistics clearly show the havoc that uncontrolled gun ownership has been causing.

Gun Control Facts And You

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Gun control facts are there for everyone to see but are they for you and me too? I have to ask this question since many people seem to feel that these facts are not of any concern to them. Gun control facts are important for every one because they help anyone understand the problems created by unrestricted gun ownership. Gun crime statistics will show that you or someone close to you can also be a victim of gun violence. Unless all of us pay attention to gun control facts and understand the message they seek to convey and then assert our views based on them, we will be unwittingly exposing ourselves and our families to potential danger from gun violence. Here are some highlights of the information revealed by gun control facts.

1) If you read any gun control article, you will find information on gun ownership. You will be shocked to know that there are about 90 guns in the United States for every 100 people living there. This information should make you think about the possible consequences of this high gun ownership rate.

2) Gun control facts also reveal some unexpected information about the impact of gun violence on the economy. You may wonder what connection can be there between gun crime and the economy. But studies have shown that the US economy suffers an annual loss of nearly 4 billion dollars on account of gun deaths. So, even if you are not concerned about crime, you may think of doing something to prevent this loss to the economy.

4) While common people like you and me do not understand the significance of gun control facts, interested groups like the NRA (National Rifles Association) choose to counter gun death statistics by relying on sentimental factors like the inviolability of the right of gun ownership given to us by the 2nd amendment. The fact that 99 percent of this law was drafted by people with no legal background does not seem important to them. The activities of the NRA and its supporters raise legitimate doubts in the minds of dispassionate people about the claim of the NRA to be a political organization because it functions more like a lobby. This is confirmed by the conduct of some pro NRA legislators who have made laws that will make studying gun violence a difficult task for independent bodies like the CDC.

The Gun Control Debate Gets Sharper

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Gun death statistics

The gun control debate started when people started realizing the dangers of unrestricted gun ownership. With gun crime statistics showing that more and more people are getting killed due to gun violence, the gun control pros and cons came to be discussed in more detail. Gun death statistics became an integral part of a gun control debate.

In any gun control debate, you can come across details about the impact of gun ownership on crime. For example, gun control facts reveal that far from acting as a protection against crime, gun ownership has the potential to cause unintended consequences. This can be seen from the finding that nearly forty percent of the children residing in the houses that have guns are knowledgeable about the places where the guns will be secured by the elders. Gun control debates point out how this possibility can cause havoc both to the gun owners and others.

Facts and figures are invariably used in a gun control debate. Some of the facts that we may come across in such debates are as follows.

While the anti gun control groups have been using the argument that people need guns to protect themselves from being attacked by unlawful elements, there is no evidence to support this. Another interesting fact is that countries that have a smaller number of guns experience a smaller number of crimes. Thus the evidence seems to indicate the opposite of what is claimed by the anti gun control groups.

A gun control debate may also go into the attitude and approach of the people on either side of the issue. It may point out that the opposition to gun control comes mainly from the NRA (National Rifles Association) and that the NRA does not function like a club but acts like a lobby. This can be seen from the fact that the NRA does not show interest in a healthy gun control debate but only in lobbying with the legislators. Due to its influence, some legislators go to the extent of creating rules to block the National Institute of Health and other such independent bodies from even studying gun violence. Such actions are not in keeping with the spirit of an honest gun control debate.

Why Some People Refuse To Look At Gun Control Facts?

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Gun death statistics

Gun control facts are data about gun ownership and gun crime. Gun crime statistics invariably form a part of gun control facts. Data about the number of people getting killed in gun violence should definitely cause concern to any human being having a concern for human life. But it appears that some people are not perturbed by gun death statistics, These people just refuse to look at gun control facts and keep repeating their case for no control on gun ownership.

The National Rifles Association (NRA) is one of those groups that have been fighting gun control and have not bothered to take a serious look at gun control facts. We can understand the NRA participating in the gun control debate by supporting its case with facts and figures. But the NRA is not interested in analyzing the gun control pros and guns. It follows a policy of not accepting any compromise on its rigid opposition to any form of gun control. This kind of an attitude and a refusal to consider the gun control facts makes one doubt the NRA’s claim of being an association of sports people. It functions more like a gun control lobby.

One of the arguments made by the anti gun control lobbies like the NRA is that owning a gun gives protection to the owner and his family. So having more guns will lead to less crime, they say. Not only there is no evidence to support this dubious claim but also gun control facts show the opposite to be true. The more guns we have, the more will be the crime. It is well established by gun control facts that countries that had the wisdom to bring in strong gun control laws have seen a drop in crimes like murders. So, the reality is that the fewer guns we have, the fewer will be the murders and other crimes.

Gun control facts also reveal some alarming facts. One such fact which should stir up any sensible person is that 39 percent of children know where the guns are kept by their parents. Nothing will be easier for them to take possession of the guns and use them playfully and indiscriminately, posing danger to themselves and others. People who refuse to accept gun control facts are not aware of the dangers to them lurking in their own backyards.